How much does it cost to participatE?

Check back for 2020 details.

I already have a season pass. Do I still need to register?

Yes, you will need a specific King Pine Ski Area 24 hour ski-a-thon lift ticket in order to participate in the event. Skiing and riding is still open to the general public on Friday and Saturday but after the mountain is scheduled to close during normal operating hours the only tickets accepted at lifts are Cynthia’s Challenge lift tickets.

What should/can I bring to the event?

If you plan to ski or ride and stay on the resort for the entire 24 hours, bring warm clothing, layers, and necessities to be comfortable and warm. Food will be available for participants but options to purchase are also available during normal operating hours at the Pine Cone Cafe. Many participants take breaks throughout the night and bring pillows, and sleeping bags which can be set up in the Evergreen Room. Please note, while resting is fine, setting up camp for the evening is discouraged and the music will be turned up loud.

Unfortunately, we base the amount of food needed by the number of participants skiing and riding for 24 hours and do not have the resources at this time to sell additional meals. All food is donated by local businesses. Food is available for purchase during normal King Pine Ski Area operating hours at at the Pine Cone Cafe. 

If I am not planning on skiing or riding can I purchase the meals separately?

All contributions are considered a donation, and all donations are non-refundable. Registration and special circumstances to will be considered. Please email

What is the refund policy?

Cynthia’s Challenge is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, EIN #81-4522647. All donations are tax deductible. Letters and email receipts will be sent out so please provide your contact information. PLEASE NOTE: Ski-A-Thon registration fees are NOT tax deductible.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Checks to cover registration fees can be written out to King Pine Ski Area . Please note, registration fees are NOT tax deductible. Donors should identify the individual on the Message Line of their check if being used towards registration fee.

If the participant has raised above and beyond the registration fee, checks can be made out to the Cynthia’s Challenge, PO Box 213 Eaton, NH 03832.

Can someone write a check to support me as a participant?

While we do have plenty of volunteers to support the event running 24 hours, we ask that all children under the age of 18 be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Will there be supervision for my child if i drop them off to participate?