Our Mission

Cynthia’s Challenge was created in an effort to ease the financial burden upon children and their families associated with specialty medical needs. King Pine Ski Area supports Cynthia’s Challenge with the support of local business and the surrounding community. Cynthia’s Challenge would not be possible without the generosity of major sponsors Atlas Fireworks, Bank of NH, Mad Cow Screen Printing, Vertical Challenge, Thrivent Financial, Yankee Smokehouse & Pepsi Co. 

What We've Achieved

Now in its fifth year, Cynthia’s Challenge 24-Hour Ski-A-Thon has raised over $246,000 to benefit children and their families.

  • Starting in 2014, Cynthia Verrill was the first benefactor and resulted in her name being used to name the event. 
  •  $35,000 raised for Cynthia was used to provide a seizure detecting service dog. 
  • The second year, the event raised over $35,000 for Samantha Gillard who was in need of a wheel chair accessible van.
  •  The third year raised $61,000 for Kevin Dall to purchase a wheel chair accessible van. 
  • The fourth year raised over $50,000 for Faith Holt with more than 250 skiers and snowboarders to purchase a wheel chair accessible van. 
  • The fifth year raised $65,000 for Jacques Villeneuve with more than 300 skiers and snowboarders participating to purchase a handicap van. 

Recipient Qualification Selection Standards:

The Board of Directors will select one or more recipients who shall receive specialty medical product(s), treatment(s), and/or assistance purchased by Cynthia's Challenge for the direct benefit of a disabled child.

Qualified recipients shall be afflicted by a physical, mental or developmental disability that substantially impairs the performance of one or more daily life activities. The Board of Directors shall solicit applicants through an application process open once per year for approximately three (3) months to residents of the Mount Washington Valley and its surrounding communities. An application shall be fully completed and submitted by the individual and/or his/her family, healthcare providers, school representative and/or other organizations and individuals having direct knowledge of the applicant, describing the applicant’s medical and living condition, and identifying what assistance is requested.

Examples of eligible assistance include durable medical equipment that would improve quality of life through accessibility to home and community (i.e. power wheelchairs, accessible tubs), wheelchair or otherwise accessible transportation, or any other therapeutic assistance not covered by insurance (i.e. trained service animals). A committee comprised of certain members of the Board of Directors and volunteers will review applications and select recipients based on the following criteria:

(i) Functional impairment of applicant severely limits daily life activities;

(ii) Demonstrated need for a certain specialty medical device, product, treatment or otherwise that would substantially improve the applicant’s ability to function and perform daily life activities;

(iii) Financial hardship and inability to afford medical products, treatment or assistance;

(iv) Feasibility of the request for medical assistance (e.g. the ability of the recipient and supporting family members to maintain and use goods provided by Cynthia's Challenge);

(v) Submission of application forms by individual, family or third parties with direct knowledge of the applicant;

(vi) Applicant must be a resident of Carroll County, New Hampshire, or a neighboring geographic area sharing a common boundary with Carroll County; and

(vii) No insurance coverage available for requested medical assistance.