Cynthia's Challenge Delivers Van To Faith

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, representatives from Cynthia's Challenge, including sponsors and supporters, organized a police and fire escort to deliver a handicap accessible van to Faith Holt and her family at a Crescent Lake School assembly in Wolfeboro, NH.

Cynthia's Challenge, a 24-hour Ski-A-Thon that took place this past winter Friday, March 17 through Saturday, March 18 raised over $50,000 with more than 250 skiers and snowboarders from near and afar participating in the 24-hour fundraising event.

In its fourth year, Cynthia's Challenge has now raised over $180,000 to fulfill the needs of children including a service dog for Cynthia Verrill and handicap accessible vans for Sammy Gillard, Kevin Dall and now one for Faith Holt, age 11, from Sanbornville, NH.

Faith is the daughter of Doug Holt, an Air Force Veteran who served in Desert Storm, and sister to older brothers, Sean (19), Devin (16) and Cody (12). Faith’s mother, Stephanie Holt, passed away when Faith was six-years-old. Faith was born pre-maturely and spent her first one hundred days in a neonatal intensive care unit. The combination of skeletal dysplasia, seizure disorder and Crane-Heise Syndrome require Faith to often wear a soft-shelled helmet because she does not have a cranial cap. Due to multiple surgeries and her daily seizures, she uses a wheelchair for her mobility.

Faith is completely dependent on others to bring her to the places that she needs to go, school, doctors’ appointments, social events and her family was in need of the reliable, wheelchair accessible vehicle that was delivered.